International Paper prepares for yearly grants

Published 9:17 pm Friday, August 11, 2017

International Paper’s Riverdale Mill is ready to accept applications for their grant process.

This year, the mill is planning to give out around $60,000 to applicants.

“We’re always very excited that we have the opportunity to provide these grants that help support our signature causes in the communities where our employees live and work,” said Arthur McLean, mill communications manager. 

For 2017, the International Paper Foundation plans to focus grants on education, hunger and health and wellness, through bettering the lives of children in the community. Last year, a majority of the grants were received by teachers and educators.

A limited number of grants will be awarded to causes dealing with local environmental activities and other critical community needs. 

“Most years, most of our grants have gone toward things like literature, education,” McLean said. “We’re looking forward to seeing lots of grants again from our local schools.”

McLean said International Paper is glad to be able to help local teachers and students with educational material and supplies for the school year.

“We’re proud to be able to support worthy causes and the good work that’s going on in the school systems here,” he said.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to support that.

Education is such a foundational thing, so to be able to support that and to see those pay dividends down the road … it just pays for itself.”

Once the grants have been submitted, they go through a committee at the mill that will decide on which ones to approve and how much money should be allotted per grant.

“We have a committee here at the mill that reviews all of the grants and those are really good discussions where the folks who serve on our committee are very passionate about being able to provide some assistance so many people who work so hard to help this community,” McLean said.

McLean said there is no certain number of grants that the mill gives out, it’s all based on that the committee feels deserves money and how much.

Those interested in applying for a grant can find more information at The deadline for submissions is Friday, Sept. 15 at 5 p.m. Winners are typically announced in December.