Two women involved in alleged shootout

Published 9:58 pm Monday, August 7, 2017

Two Selma women could be facing criminal charges after a shootout Saturday afternoon on Keller Avenue.

Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier said he was on his way to the back to school River Rally Saturday afternoon when dispatch got multiple shots fired calls in the opposite direction.

“When I got on the scene, they gave the description of the vehicle that supposedly shot at them,” Collier said. “I put the vehicle description information out, and a patrol officer located the vehicle on Philpot [Avenue].”

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Collier said the vehicle was found with bullet holes in it, which leads them to believe gunfire was exchanged.

“No one was hit, but at this point it appears that there was an exchange of gunfire from individuals inside the car and individuals outside the car,” Collier said. “This started as a physical fight between two young females.”

No arrest has been made in the case, but Collier has assigned a detective to it to further investigate it.

The altercation started out as a physical fight Saturday and then escalated.

“At some point one of the females gets back in the vehicle and leaves. The other female is still on the scene,” Collier said. “The female on the scene claims that she was shot at, but when we located the car it also had multiple bullet holes in it, so at this point we believe both subjects fired.”

Collier said the two women, who are in their twenties, had an ongoing dispute for at least a week.

“There was an altercation last week with no shooting, but there were threats,” Collier said.

“So the detective advised one of the females involved last week to come to the department and seek a warrant. She never did that.”

Collier said the incident could have been prevented if the woman that was advised to get a warrant would have followed through with it.

“It’s clearly a situation the detective had been working on that if they had followed her advice, this probably wouldn’t have happened,” Collier said.

The names of the two women have not been released because charges have not been filed as of Monday afternoon.