Purrrfect Pals asks for helps adopting cats

Published 9:07 pm Thursday, July 27, 2017

Selma’s Purrrfect Pals is asking the community to step up by adopting, fostering or volunteering.

The group has taken in many cats and kittens this summer, and now they are hoping people will come and help them find forever homes.

“We are exceptionally busy this year because we decided this year we weren’t going to say no,” said Pals founder Shannon Lynch.

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“We did not say no this year, and now we’re in a position where the community has to step up and help us.”

Jacque Johnson, a volunteer with the program, said they are hoping people will not only adopt one kitten but two.

“In order to try to find them good homes, we’re offering a special currently with an adult cat for $25 and a purrrfect pair of kittens for $50,” Johnson said. “We want them to adopt two. It’s better for the kittens, it’s better for the person adopting.”

Lynch said the kittens are $50 for one or $50 for two, but they strongly recommend getting a pair.

“Just for socialization purposes, kittens just always do better when they have somebody that calms them down, burns off their energy and have someone to bond with. In order to facilitate that, we are offering to adopt one and get the second free.”

Johnson said this year has been harder than most, with rescuing kittens and people dropping them off because of lack of spaying and neutering.

“Kitten season has really been hard for us this year. We have so many kittens that have been left at the shelter, left at the animal hospitals, we’ve had phone calls to rescue cats from inside car engines, underneath houses, underneath an air conditioner, underneath a business on Broad Street,” Johnson said.

“Of course, we have rescued all of these and we’ve nurtured them and now we need to get them adopted.”

Johnson said another way to help out is by going to the Sand Bar on Tuesday nights from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. for BINGO.

“In order to fund our program, we’ve partnered with the Humane Society of Central Alabama and the Sand Bar and we have a BINGO every Tuesday evening,” Johnson said. “Also, if people go out and eat on Tuesdays at the Sand Bar, a portion of those proceeds go to our programs.”

Johnson said she also encourages people to go to the Selma Animal Shelter and visit the kittens when they can.

“We could really use volunteers to help with the cats and kittens and fostering and just going to the shelter and keeping the kittens acclimated to people,” Johnson said. “It’s a wonderful thing to take your kids there if you have toddlers or school age children to stop by and read to the cats and play with them.”

All animals are fully vetted, up to date on shots and have a microchip.