SPD investigate weekend shooting, robberies

Published 9:08 pm Monday, July 24, 2017

The Selma Police Department is investigating multiple robberies and a shooting over the weekend.

According to Det. Michael Kiser with the department’s Criminal Investigations Division, a Selma man was injured after shots were fired by someone driving by Club Entourage on Alabama Avenue around 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

“He went to the emergency room, but the doctor determined that it was not a bullet,” Kiser said. “It was probably a piece of shrapnel or something; however, it did result as a shooting.”

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Kiser said investigators do not have much information at this time.

“The guy wouldn’t talk. He didn’t know or see anything,” Kiser said. “He just knows he got hit, so it was pretty much a flesh wound. They dug a little piece of shrapnel out and sent him on home.”

The department has possible suspects in a robbery on the 1600 block of Union Street Saturday.

“Two guys were sitting in a car using a cell phone when two guys come up to the car asking to borrow the cell phone,” Kiser said. “They let the guys borrow the cell phone, and they took off with it.”

Kiser said the two victims chased after the two suspects, but they were stopped in their tracks when the suspects allegedly pulled out guns on them.

“We’ve got a couple of possible suspects, but we don’t know for sure,” Kiser said.

Kiser said another robbery started off as a domestic violence call that started out at the Selma Curb Market.

“It started off with a guy and a girl that had a relationship arguing,” he said. “He ended up reaching into the car and punching her and taking her wallet and leaving with it.”

No arrest has been made in the case. Kiser said the victim would not come forward with any information after the incident occurred.

The department did make an arrest in a robbery Friday night at a convenience store on the 1900 block of Selma Avenue. Kiser said 23-year-old Ladarius Starks was arrested and charged with robbery.

“He went into the market right there. He took a case of beer out of the cooler and went over there and asked the clerk to pull a shirt down from the rack,” he said. “When the clerk was getting the shirt down, he took off running out the door. When he realized he couldn’t get out, he attacked the clerk.”

Kiser said the clerk locked the door before coming out from behind the counter, which was standard procedure.

“They had a little tussle, and they were able to keep him locked in until the police got there,” Kiser said.

Starks was charged with robbery instead of a lesser charge because he allegedly attacked the clerk. He was not armed.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-442-7463, the SPD Criminal Investigations Division at (334) 874-2125 or the secret witness line at (334) 874-2190.