EDITORIAL: Selma’s 15U All-Star Team needs community’s support while representing the state

Published 8:25 pm Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Making it to the World Series is no easy feat, but Selma’s 15U all-star team has done it in back-to-back years.

It’s an accomplishment we should all be mighty proud of them for. After all, they are not just representing Selma, they are representing the state of Alabama.

Last year’s trip did not end quite the way the team wanted it to. There was no big celebration with the trophy raised high, but this year is different. The team is hoping to change that and redeem themselves.

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Every player on the team, and the coaches that have kept them on their A game are hoping to come back to Selma the champions of the world. Today they begin their quest when they step onto the diamond to play the New Orleans, Louisiana 15U all-star team.

This team is made up of baseball players from Dallas County High School, Meadowview Christian Academy, Morgan Academy and Selma High School, and they need everyone’s support.

Winning won’t be easy, but this team has shown a fire and hunger to win after going through the state tournament undefeated. We hope your dreams of winning the World Series comes true.

It would truly be an amazing feat. Win or lose, this community should be proud. Swing hard, run fast and play ball the way you have played it this entire all-star season. Here’s to Selma’s 15U all-star team.