Library teaches kids about artwork, music

Published 6:26 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2017

By Mary Stewart | The Selma Times-Journal

The Selma Public Library plans to help children explore the arts this week with their Picasso Series.

Becky Nichols, the library’s director, is excited to help children explore their interest in the arts.

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“This is the beginning of the Picasso series. It’s a series of artists’ visits to the library. It’s a part of our summer program sponsored by the Black Belt Community Foundation,” Nichols said. “The money that we have received from that grant has enabled us to invite six different artists in different areas of art — music, watercolor, pottery and rhythm and rock.”

Children from ages nine and up are going to be introduced to these art forms and more by artists who have perfected their craft.

“The whole thing is about exposing our kids to real artists,” Nichols said. “People that have picked a skill are really good at it and are teaching it so that perhaps we can ignite some of the creativity in our own children.”

The first class, Rhythm and Roll with Charles Tororici, began Monday. Tororici taught the children about different instruments and about keeping and creating rhythm.

Wednesday will be Drama and Theatre Fun with Jody Tartt, and Thursday will be Silk Screening Art with Jamie Adams. Friday will be a community-wide drum jam hosted by John Scalici.

“They’re full for the series,” Nichols said. “Friday is a community drum jam so we can handle a whole lot more for the ending part, but right now most of the classes are full.”

If your child is interested in one of the classes Nichols encourages parents to call the library to see if a spot is available.

She credits the local art guild for the idea of the Picasso Series.

Nichols said that the series is the library’s way of promoting the importance of art in the community and schools.

“I think what we’re looking for here is to motivate kids to see their own creativity,” Nichols said.

She has also received suggestions from families who want to be a part of a program similar to the series for the entire family.

“We are excited, and we are hoping to continue this,” she said. “We are definitely going to stay in the arts. We want to be guided by the community’s needs.”

For more information or to ask about spots left in the series either call the library at (334) 874-1725 or visit