Dallas County Land Transactions for period of May 5 through May 31:

Published 5:00 pm Saturday, June 10, 2017

Christopher Steven Banks to Barbara Pierce, Dallas County, $8,400
Barbara Pierce to Marion Bank & Trust Co., Dallas County, $47,600
Bobby Ray Spears to Catoe M. Irby, 175 County Road 966, $30,000
Phyllis Carol Smallwood to Kenneth Anderson, 120 Westwood Drive, $107,000
Herbert Timothy A. Thomas to Andoine Richardson, 3701 County Road 33, $30,000
David Jordan to Alma J. Parker, Dallas County, $22,200
Mortgage Electronic Regis to Wells Fargo Bank N A, Dallas County
Nancy Elliott to Trustmark National Bank, 284 E. Castlewood Drive, $32,000
Tiffany Mims to Kenneth W. Busby, Lot 9 of Riverbend Subdivision, $4,000
Linda F. Tuck to Jeremy Sheehan, Dallas County, $8,000
Jeremy Sheehan to Quicken Loans Inc., 205 Lauren Lane, $152,000
Mike Reynolds to South Land Co. LLC, Dallas County
South Land Co. LLC to Town-Country National Bank, Dallas County, $136,500
Derrell Keith Lawrence to Timothy J. Kaldor, Dallas County, $11,000
United States of America to Olivia Grace Curtis, 204 Pardue Drive
Olivia Grace Curtis to Fairway Independent Mortgage, 204 Pardue Drive, $102,299
Bradley Nelson Ray to Alabama Ag Credit FLCA, Dallas County
Chris M. Johnson to Jamone Newberry, 1802 Bienville St., $3,500
Jamone Newberry to Chris M. Johnson, 1802 Bienville St., $37,500
William B. Monk to Wililam Bryan Monk Jr., 677 Old Marion Jct. Road, $75,000
Marcia McMillan Edwards to Willie Brooks, Dallas County, $28,200
Tracey Purifoy Canada to Gateway Rental Properties, Lot 5 of Dr. L.G. Pierson Subdivision, $43,200
Mortgage Electronic Regis to MTGLQ Investors L.P., 2102 Delanie Dr
Jason P. Tabor to Marion Bank & Trust Co., Lot 45 in Town of Summerfield, $21,400
Donna H. Patterson to Mark A. Jackson, 223 Ramsey Drive
Mark A. Jackson to Consumer First Mortgage, 223 Ramsey Drive, $90,909
Jency Warren to Theotis Dudley, Dallas County, $3,000
Household Finance Corp to MTGLQ Investors L.P., Dallas County
Mortgage Electronic Regis to Gateway Mortgage Group LLC, Dallas County
Laura A. Parkton Sundy to Betty Ruth Dago Cutcliff, Dallas County, $30,975
William J. Gamble Jr. to Steward/Pearce Development, 112 McLeod Ave., $7,250
Steward/Pearce Development to Trustmark National Bank, 112 McLeod Ave., $21,750
Erika E. Burkhalter to Christopher S. Banks, 358 St. Andrews Drive, $8,300
Christopher S. Banks to Interlinc Mortgage Service, 358 St. Andrews Drive, $157,700
Thomas Butler to Thomas Butler, 2007 W. Dallas Ave., $73,750
LSF9 Master Participation to U.S. Bank Trust N A as Trustee, Dallas County
PNC Bank National Mortgage LLC to Dallas County
Sanford L. Wyatt to Wallace West LLC, Lots 11 – 15 – The Retreat @ Portland Landing, $236,400
Wallace West LLC to Sanford L. Wyatt, Lots 11 – 15 – The Retreat @ Portland Landing, $63,600
Helen M. Strong to Quicken Loans Inc, 1004 LaDayne Ave., $65,730
Sister Springs Baptist Church to Sister Springs Baptist Church, 345 County Road 457, $87,500
Boyd Lee Bailey Jr. to Boyd Lee Bailey Jr., County Road 37, $65,300
Beneficial Financial I In to MTGLQ Investors L.P., 2109 Delanie Drive
Household Finance Corp to MTGLQ Investors L.P., Dallas County
Pamela Christine Stokes to Marsha Darden, 685 Rountree Drive, $1,395
Marsha Darden to Fairway Independent Mortgage, 113 Ramsey Drive, $75,605
Pinebelt Telephone Co. to United States of America, Dallas County
Ada Callen G. Keys to William A. Richardson, Dallas County, $127,296
William A. Richardson to First South Farm Credit Assoc, Dallas County
South Land Co. LLC to Marcus Legariu Underwood, Dallas County
Marcus Legariu Underwood to South Land Co. LLC, Dallas County, $77,000
South Land Co. LLC to Town-Country Naitonal Bank, Dallas County
Steven C Phillips to Trustmark National Bank, 5190 Hwy 22, $250,000
Eric M. Roussell to Quicken Loans Inc, 307 Crestwood Drive, $108,974
James S. Corley to Quicken Loans Inc., 10248 U.S. Hwy 80 E., $145,885
Shelton O. Nichols to Stephen M. Loggins, 165 Thomas Drive, $11,400
Steven M. Loggins to United Wholesale Mortgage, Dallas County, $102,600
Mistie Brown Caver to Amos Smith, 1313 Old Orrville Road, $87,000
Michael S. Motes to William Young, 203 Belden Ave.
William Young to Regions Bank, 203 Belden Ave., $77,777
Wells Fargo Bank N A to Specialized Loan Servicing, Dallas County
Charles B. Winston to Charles B. Winston, 1518 Martin Luther King St, $29,000
J. Thompson Garrison PC to Wilco Timber Co. Inc., Dallas County, $128,771
James W. Johnson to Wells Fargo Bank N A, Lot 26 of “The Meadows”, $61,950
Beneficial Financial I In to MTGLQ Investors L P, Dallas County
W. Milam Turner Jr. to Timothy R. Wood, Dallas County, $92,500
Sarah B. Cameron to David Y. Pearce, Dallas County, $130,000
Sharon R. Ellis to Ditech Financial LLC, 489 County Road 31, $44,100
Robbie D. Fancher to Calcon Mutual Mortgage LLC, 236 County Road 273, $119, 640

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