Comprehensive lighting plan will be a great benefit to city, citizens

Published 9:34 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A plan to replace old light fixtures with new LED lights has started in Selma. It was voted on by the Selma City Council in March to develop a comprehensive lighting plan across the entire city and upgrade streetlights.

Alabama Power started putting up lights over the last two weeks starting on Broad Street at the Edmund Pettus Bridge to Dallas Avenue. They are taking down the old light fixtures and putting up new ones that use LED bulbs that are brighter and more energy efficient. Crews were on Dallas Avenue Wednesday replacing fixtures as well. The plan will start with the major roads through Selma like Broad Street and Dallas Avenue, and then it will move into the neighborhoods replacing those fixtures as well.

Newer, brighter lighting is something the city has needed for some time now, an it is great to see that plan put into action. You can already tell a difference on Broad Street.

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Mayor Darrio Melton said he hopes the new lights will deter crime and give the city a better, brighter look. Having more light, especially in high crime areas, could deter break-ins as well as other crimes. If citizens and police officers can see better, criminals are more apt to steer clear from those areas.