Jackson proposes adopt-a-gang member program to local pastors

Published 9:27 pm Tuesday, May 30, 2017

District Attorney Michael Jackson asked a room full of pastors last week to adopt a gang member and encourage them to become productive citizens and stop turning to crime.

It’s an idea Jackson thinks will help Selma’s growing gang problem that he said is the reason behind much of the city’s crime.

We hope the pastors that listened to Jackson propose this idea take it to heart. It’s unlike many solutions others have offered, such as locking gang members up and throwing away the key.

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While Jackson could have proposed sending everyone that commits a crime to prison, he turned to a different method. No one knows if this program will work or not, but we hope pastors in the community are willing to give it a shot.

It may not completely rid Selma of gangs, but one gang member turning their life around is worth the effort.

Jackson suggested showing them encouragement and giving them a role in the church, such as being an usher or a member of the choir. Jackson thinks being around positive people will help them develop a conscience and think twice before pulling the trigger or committing a crime.

We hope this program reaches someone and helps changes someone’s life before it ends all too soon.