Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. arrest reports for May 19 through May 22:

Published 10:33 pm Monday, May 22, 2017

Sherarde Coleman, 34, 11 Dallas Ave., Selma, third-degree domestic violence, $1,000 bond, in jail

Talmadge Hunter, 24, 170 County Road 911, Orrville, probation violation, no bond, in jail

Marlo Ellis, 40, 137 County Road 121, Orrville, weekender, in jail

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David Carter, 606 Gorgas Drive, Selma, fourth-degree theft, probation violation, $1,000 bond, no bond, in jail

Leonard King, 54, 226 Summerfield Road, Selma, domestic violence, $2,000 bond, in jail

Demetrius Clifton, 36, 547 County Road 31, Orrville, domestic violence, $1,000 bond, in jail

Carlos Seals, 37, 64 Rangedale Ave., Selma, return from hospital, no bond, in jail

Jeffery Smitherman, 50, 5231 County Road 17, Maplesville, failure to appear for second-degree theft, no bond, in jail

Roderick Smith, 32, 821 County Road 421, Selma, failure to update, $15,000 bond, in jail

Michael Christian, 44, 988 Selfield Road, Selma, returned for court, no bond, in jail

Robert Giles, 25, 1213 Saint. Ann St., Selma, murder, attempted murder, two counts of court order, failure to appear unlawful distribution, no bond, in jail

Michael Woods, 19, 181 Mel Bailey Drive, Selma, third-degree assault, $500 bond, in jail

Sammie Fiffie, 18, 181 Mel Bailey Drive, Selma, third-degree assault, $500 bond, in jail

Clarence Fitts, 60, 1813 Lauderdale St., Selma, unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle, $15,000 bond, in jail

Ewing Moore, 25, 225 Cone Drive, Selma, driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, $2,000 bond, made bond

James Brown, 25, 103 Shalimar Ave., Selma, third-degree, $1,000 bond, in jail

Deandre Lee, 18, 9574 River Road, Selma, reckless endangerment, second-degree assault, bonds totaling $21,000, in jail

Brandon Lewis, 31, 713 Second Ave., Selma, failure to appear for probation revocation, no bond, in jail

Earnest Rayford, 61, 4564 County Road 33, Orrville, domestic violence harassment, $1,000 bond, in jail