RIF launches Read For Success at Southside

Published 2:59 pm Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Reading is Fundamental Organization is partnering up with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to fight back against the challenge that summer brings to children’s ability to read.

AKA’s Zeta Eta Omega Chapter is launching the Read For Success program to help Southside Primary School children not get caught in the trend that so many kids have. The program will begin in June 2017 and will support 70 2nd grade students.

“We are excited to take part in the RIF’s Read For Success program to ensure success in reading,” Zeta Omega Chapter member Gwendolyn Carrington said. “Through this program form Reading is Fundamental our children will have the potential to become successful readers and improve academic performance. The program uses sound principles to motivate students to read and discover the joy of books.”

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The group will offer science, technology, engineering, fiction and nonfiction books for children to engage with. Each student will get the chance to choose and take home a RIF book bag.

Teachers also have the chance to learn from the program. RIF offers online access to activities for teacher to integrate into their curriculum.

Organizers hope that through this program children will not lose some of the learning and skills they have acquired throughout the school year. Some children could fall behind by as much as three years if the summer learning slide problem is not addressed.

“With so many students reading at or below the basic level needed to succeed academically, the need for programs like Read For Success to combat the summer learning slide is as great as ever to ensure students remain proficient in reading all year long,” RIF coordinator Nancy G. Sewell said.

“We are thrilled to make this literacy program available to the second graders of Southside Primary School to make an immediate impact for children in Dallas county.” President of Zeta Eta Omega Chapter Elizabeth Rutledge said.