Pleas entered in firearm, perjury cases

Published 2:58 pm Saturday, May 20, 2017

A 20-year-old Selma man pleaded guilty to possessing an illegal firearm this week, and a 30-year-old Selma woman pleaded guilty to perjury.

According to Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson, Lorenzo Butler Jr. was sentenced to seven years in prison for having a short barrel shotgun.

Alabama Code 13A-11-63 states, “a person who possesses, obtains, receives, sells or uses a short-barreled rifle or a short-barreled shotgun in violation of federal law is guilty of a Class C felony.”

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Butler’s arrest stems from an April 16, 2016, incident where the Fourth Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force arrested him.

According to court records, agents of the task force and other law enforcement agencies were checking the Old Montgomery Highway area after several complaints of shooting and drug activity in the area.

A group of people standing in the road on Landsend Avenue took off running when they the task force started to approach them.

“Several subjects ran near a black Honda Passport parked close to a mobile home on Landsend Avenue,” a report states.

Agents then made contact with people inside the home and asked to look inside the car.

“We advised her that several subjects ran and one of them put something inside the vehicle, and she said we could look inside the vehicle,” the report states. “Agents recovered a 12-gauge shotgun short barrel inside a black and pink tote bag on the front seat.”

Agents then made contact with Butler, and he told them the weapon belonged to him.

According to Jackson, Butler also has several pending robbery cases.

Nikki Olds, who was charged with third-degree perjury in a different incident, received a suspended six-month sentence and a $200 fine this week. She was indicted buy a Dallas County Grand Jury in December 2015, and she pleaded guilty this week to the charge.

Jackson said Olds was charged with perjury because she signed a court affidavit that said she never witnessed a shooting on Alabama Avenue but gave an audio-recorded statement saying she did.

According to Jackson, Olds told an investigator she saw Octavius Brown shooting a weapon in an 2015 incident.

In her affidavit, which was done under oath, Olds said she never saw who did the shooting. Olds said in her affidavit that what she told investigators was what she “heard on the street” and not what she actually saw.

Brown, 30, was recently arrested for allegedly shooting and injuring a man outside of a Selma nightclub in April. He was charged with attempted murder, second-degree assault and discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.