Selma U, WCCA award diplomas

Published 8:46 pm Friday, May 12, 2017

Hundreds of graduates in Selma and Dallas County will soon cross a stage, receiving their diplomas and stepping into a new phase of life.

Selma University and Wallace Community College Selma were the first ones to hold graduation ceremonies Friday.

“I’m very excited. I feel like I have really accomplished what I set out to do. Although, I feel like this is just the beginning,” said Selma University graduate Pamela Moore.

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Moore was there with her number one fan, her husband Griffin Dukes who said he felt like he was walking across the stage with her.

“We’re going together [across the stage],” Dukes said laughing. “I’m very proud [of her].”

Moore is part of the Pensacola Extension program, where she takes classes from Selma University while in Pensacola, Florida.

Moore received her degree in Bible and theology and plans to continue serving as a minister with her husband at Spring Hill Baptist Church in Pensacola.

“I’m a minister and my husband is a minister, so we’re already out in the community and we’ve just go to continue to do that and set up some ministries in the church,” Moore said. “I am very excited for this moment right now and I thank God for it. I put in a lot of work … and today just shows that it’s actually paying off.”

Joshua Stallworth, a Selma University graduate who studied physical education, said receiving his diploma is a huge accomplishment for him and his family.

“It means a lot to be the first one [in my family] to do it,” Stallworth said. “I worked hard, plus I played basketball too, so that took a lot more effort.”

Stallworth said he had some hiccups along the way, but he worked hard and felt accomplished for making it to the end.

“I’m really excited. It took a long time. I had two stops but I had to get it right,” Stallworth said. “I’m glad to be able to do this and graduate.”

Teresa Sears, a Wallace graduate in applied science and business administration gave the greetings to graduates during the ceremony.

“To my fellow graduates, you have come this far by faith,” Sears said.

Sears went on to talk about the struggles that many students go through in completing their education, but she was proud of herself and her fellow classmates for pushing through and getting their degrees.

“Like many of you, I have had many struggles getting to this point. Our struggles are real, but look at us now,” Sears said. “Like many of you, it has taken me 20 plus years to return to this place. From starting and stopping school, to working dead end jobs, but together we decided that education is one of the keys to our success.”