Students shine at Special Olympics

Published 7:14 pm Saturday, May 6, 2017

It was cold outside Friday, so the Special Olympics were moved from Memorial Stadium to inside the much warmer Selma High School gymnasium. Based on the smiles of all the participants, the move didn’t put a damper on the event at all.

Students from Lowndes County Schools, Wilcox County Schools, Dallas County Schools and Selma City Schools took part in the Olympic festivities. There were many different events, including simple runs and relays, as local students had a chance to show what they could do.

“It’s very important that the kids get out and participate in these activities because just like everyone, they are very important, they are very talented and they need to be recognized,” said Jill Burt, adaptive physical education teacher for Selma City Schools and the Special Olympics coordinator for the area.

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We couldn’t agree more. We always enjoy covering Special Olympic events in Selma and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s clear that getting a chance to compete really means a lot to all of the students involved, who are very talented, despite some form of a handicap that tries to deter them.

We want to say thank you to everyone who helped put the Special Olympics on and for their dedication to these students.

Organizers did a great job thinking quickly to move all of the festivities inside, given the abnormal chilly temperatures outside.