Chesnut sworn in as local representative

Published 9:48 pm Thursday, April 27, 2017

Prince Chestnut was shown in this week at the Alabama State House, where he will represent Dallas County and parts of Perry County.

The swearing in follows an unexpected election that was the result of Darrio Melton’s election as mayor of Selma.

It’s unfortunate that Dallas County didn’t have any representation in the House for most of the session, especially as one as consequential as this year has been, but we wish Chestnut well in Montgomery.

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In all honesty, given how all of state government is controlled by Republicans, a Democrat from Selma has his or her work cut out for them from day one.

Chestnut’s term will include this session as well as 2018.

Next year, voters will go back to the polls to elect someone to a full four-year term in spring primaries and a November general election.