Kiser develops new SPD unit

Published 9:45 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Detective Michael Kiser with the Selma Police Department has always been in the field of helping people. From starting out in law enforcement to working as a paramedic for 12 years then back to law enforcement, Kiser has dedicated his life to serving others.

“It’s always been in my nature to help people,” Kiser said. “I enjoy my job, I love it and I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Kiser grew up in east Tennessee and went to college at Carson Newman College.

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He started out his career as a Sheriff’s deputy and later went back to school for medicine. He moved to Selma in 2011 to help his father and in 2013 he decided to get back into policing.  He comes from a family of officers, with his dad, uncle and some cousins all serving at  various places and times.

“I had started off early in my career with law enforcement and all of my family is in law enforcement, it’s in my blood and I couldn’t get rid of it,” Kiser said. “I knew I needed to go on and go back to it.”

Kiser said his decision to join the SPD was based on his experience as a paramedic and seeing the victims of so many crimes.

“Just being in medicine and seeing so much violence, especially in this area, I wanted to help do something about it and help be part of the positive change, so I got back into law enforcement,” he said.

“I wanted to be on the end of … helping people that were victims such as shootings and murders and violent crimes. I wanted to do something about that to help prevent it and be proactive.”

A couple of years ago, Kiser was presented with the opportunity to become a K9 handler and after training got his dog, Asta.

“We’ve got a bond. Anybody that’s never handled a K9 can just never understand the bond that an officer and his dog have,” Kiser said.

“I spend more time with [Asta] then I do at home or with my kids or wife. She’s my shadow. If she’s with me, she’s right by my side.”

Asta is trained in narcotics and goes with Kiser on his calls, but when they get home, she’s just like any other dog –– playful.

“When it’s time to work, she’s all business. When it’s time to go hit the streets, it’s all about work. She’s focused on what she’s doing,” Kiser said.

“When she goes home … she’s got her normal routine. She goes and uses the bathroom then she about busts the door down trying to get in to see mom. She’s just a dog at home. You wouldn’t know any other difference.”

Chief Spencer Collier recently developed a Crime Suppression Unit at the SPD, and Kiser was asked to serve on that team.

“I got afforded the opportunity to join this crime suppression unit and be an investigator. It’s a lot more responsibility here, it’s a lot more work, but the work is so rewarding,” he said.

“I’m loving every bit of it. I really, really enjoy what I do now.”