Former ‘Girl of Year’ program has new look

Published 7:43 pm Monday, April 24, 2017

The Delta Kappa Gamma Academic Award Program will soon honor six young ladies in the community with a $500 scholarship.

The program, formerly known as the Girl of the Year, has made some changes this year, but co-chair of the program Carolyn Dunaway said it’s still the goal of the group to provide the girls with monetary awards to further their education and congratulate them on an outstanding high school career.

“Our whole purpose in designing this program to begin with was to be able to aid the girls and recognize the talent that will exist within Dallas County,” Dunaway said.

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“People don’t think that we are up to snuff with other areas, but we are. When you meet these girls and you talk to them and you see their academic record, you know that we have young ladies that can compete anywhere within the state. And I think that recognition for our community is extremely important.”

The ladies had to meet the minimum requirements of an ACT score of 19 and a grade point average of 3.5 to qualify for the award, but they were also given points based on their school, community and church activities, as well as an essay explaining why they needed the funds.

“One of the things they had to do in their application was write the reason why they needed the money,” Dunaway said. “There wasn’t a single one that didn’t express that they needed the money.”

The program has been around for 36 years and previously awarded one overall winner with a $2,500 scholarship, but due to declining donations and costs of the reception, they decided to award the top girl from each qualifying school.

“The big reason we have changed our program is because we have had declining donations,” Dunaway said. “The cost of the program was going to cut our awards down, and our whole purpose was to help the girls in Dallas County.”

Selma High School, Morgan Academy, Southside High School, Meadowview Christian School, Dallas County High School and Keith High School all have a representative that will receive the award at the reception.

The reception will be held Tuesday, May 2 at 7 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall of Church Street United Methodist Church.