Program is chance for students to get comfortable

Published 10:19 pm Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In today’s edition, we wrote about Selma High School’s new summer enrichment program, which will take place on Monday-Thursdays from June 5-July 13.

It’ll include orientation, algebra lessons and ACT prep. The point of the program is to make it easier for students to transition from middle school to high school.

All of us can probably remember that time, where we made the big leap from middle school to high school. It’s a big step, and it’s important that our students are prepared when they make it. High school brings new responsibilities — driving is a big one — and more freedom as teenagers ready for adult life. A ninth grader at a new school can often feel lost, out of place and overwhelmed. That’s why programs like the one Selma High is holding this summer is so important. It gives incoming ninth graders a chance to see their new school, meet teachers and ready for algebra classes and to take the ACT. Any child that completes the program will be more comfortable when schools starts and will have some of their fears alleviated.

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The transition from middle school to high school can be difficult, but the programs Selma High is offering will make it much easier.

Selma assistant principal Chimeria Evans said freshmen students have often lost the first couple of weeks of class, just from trying to adjust. The programs the school is offering this summer will help with that problem.  We understand students want to have a summer break from school, especially before starting high school, but doing both is possible. The program won’t last beyond 1 p.m. each day and gives each student the entire weekend to do whatever they want.