Weekend yard sale kicks off

Published 9:22 pm Friday, April 14, 2017

Vendors and shoppers were out and about in Selma Friday for the first day of the Historic U.S. Highway 80 Sale.

Five different vendors were set up in front of Junebugg’s Flea and Antique Mall around noon Friday as part of the sale, but vendor Josephine Duke said she believes Saturday is going to be the big day.

“[Saturday] is expected to be outrageous,” Duke said. “People are traveling and 80 is traveled a lot so we expect a lot of customers.”

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Duke said she sets up a space every year and enjoys taking the time to participate.

“I love it. It’s fun. You meet people and socialize,” Duke said. “It’s just a good hobby. It’s a good way to clean everything out of your house. It’s spring cleaning.”

Emma Beckjordan and her daughter Nikki were out shopping Friday and said they always enjoy participating the yard sale.

“It’s fun,” Nikki said. “You get good deals and good prices.”

Emma said she enjoys just spending time with her daughter and the two like hunting for bargains.

“Every Saturday we try to look for yard sales and go to the flea market,” Emma said. “It’s quality time together. We get up and get breakfast and go find yard sales.”

Emma said they never know what they’re going to find, but have lucked up on some good summer clothes, antiques and other items that caught their eye.

“We’ll be out and about [Saturday morning],” Emma said. “Mr. Waffle for breakfast and yard selling after that.”

The sale is part of what was once known as the world’s widest yard sale, but is now referred to as the Historic U.S. Highway 80 Sale. Highway 80 is 1,032 miles long and runs through Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas and sellers traditionally set up in all five states.

The sale will continue Saturday from sunrise to sundown at various locations along Highway 80.