House District 67 race will be decided next week

Published 8:15 pm Thursday, April 13, 2017

On Tuesday, a special election will determine who gets the vacant District 67 seat in the Alabama House of Representatives. The seat was previously held by Darrio Melton, back before he ran and won an election to be Selma’s mayor.

To be honest, we’re fearful of a low voter turnout on Tuesday for several reasons.

For one, this race appeared to be over earlier this year, when Prince Chestnut won a special primary election at the end of January. A few days later Tremayne “Toby” Gordon” qualified as an independent candidate after petitioning to get his name on the ballot.

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Secondly, this isn’t a normal time of year for an election to be taking place. By this point, most elections are usually over, and many people may go into Tuesday without even knowing this one is taking place.

There was a post on one of the high traffic Facebook pages for Selma earlier this week, asking about the election.   Several people — understandably so — were confused to see a candidate’s signs in a yard. Some thought the election had already been decided.

It’s important for voters to get to the polls on Tuesday and cast their vote.

Whoever wins will be representing all of us in in the House, and it’d be a shame if a low voter turnout ended up deciding the race one way or the other.