Work at Meadowview shows how many can come together for greater good

Published 5:06 pm Saturday, April 8, 2017

Earlier this week, we wrote about Meadowview Elementary School’s lunchroom project, which involved the faculty, administration, PTO, school board and even the students.

The school’s lunchroom needed a new paint job, especially after new tables were brought in last year. The school raised the funding by asking businesses for donations and many were willing to give.

However, the best part about the project is the way the school involved its students. Faculty members asked students what colors they’d like to see on the walls, giving them a chance to play a part in the work being done. It doesn’t sound like much, but we agree with principal Allen Malone, who thinks it’ll make the students be more appreciative of the work and will give them a reason to help take care of it.

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Work like this is presumably taking place all around the schools in Selma and Dallas County. Every school can use touch ups and Meadowview has set an example of how it’s done. The school help a clean-up day on Saturday and many took time out of their day to help out.

This is a great example of our community coming together for the benefit of the greater good.