Selma steps up again

Published 3:48 pm Saturday, April 1, 2017

Thursday I had the opportunity to meet and talk with representatives from Cahaba Mental Health’s Early Intervention Program, West Alabama Rehabilitation–Easter Seals, Selma City Schools and Dallas County Schools.

The programs were each presented with a $2,500 check courtesy of former Selma Mayor George Evans and his Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament.

Not only did the representatives from each organization come to receive the check, but precious children from the various places and their parents also came out.

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It was truly a pleasure to be there with these people that devote so much of their time making sure special needs children have the best care and are treated like any child wants to be treated.

Evans has been putting on the golf tournament for seven years now, and although he is no longer in office, he plans to keep it going as long as he is able.

His face lights up every single time I ask him about the children, whether it be for the golf tournament, the party the children get before the tournament or even out at Memorial Stadium for Special Olympics.

It’s easy to tell Evans has a heart for the special needs children in the community. But it’s not just Evans that has given back to the children and their families.

Each year thousands of dollars are raised through the golf tournament, and that’s strictly from the people in the community. It’s really amazing how giving this city and county is, and the fact that they continue to come back year after year really speaks volumes about the type of people that live here in Selma.

Not only do people give and participate each year, but it takes a lot of volunteers to put on a tournament and they too deserve recognition.

Talking to the different directors and coordinators Thursday made me realize how vital this money really is to the programs. David White, operations manager at Easter Seals; Carrie Bearden, Early Intervention director at the Cahaba Center; Angernette Carter, director of special education for Selma City Schools; and Dr. Sharon Streeter, special education coordinator for Dallas County Schools all said without the money, they would have to go without some much-needed material and equipment that they use on a daily basis for the children.

The funds have continued to help year after year provide for the programs and last year donations from the golf tournament even went to help purchase a car for the Early Intervention Program.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to watch as babies interacted with Early Intervention staff, and it was humbling to see them in action. What these teachers, volunteers and donors do for these children is amazing.

So kudos to you Selma, for once again stepping up and giving back to those that truly deserve and need our help.