Trucks restricted from section of Summerfield Rd.

Published 7:55 pm Monday, March 27, 2017

A section of Dallas County Road 37, which is also known as Summerfield Road, will now be restricted to truck traffic.

Dallas County Engineer Coosa Jones requested the Dallas County Commission to approve the restriction after several complaints were filed for log trucks coming through the residential area.

“We’ve had numerous complaints about the log trucks cutting down County Road 37,” Jones told the commission Monday before asking their permission to authorize the restriction.

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The decision was approved unanimously, and it will restrict trucks from traveling on County Road 37 from County Road 222 to Selma city limits, which Coosa said is a five to six mile stretch of road.

Jones said County Road 222 has been restricted the last few months while a construction project on the road was in progress, but it was recently opened back up.

“We closed 222 when we did that project up there, and they had to go that way. It was the only way they had to get out from up there,” he said. “Now, we’re putting them back on 222.”

He said the project has been completed and approved, and it is now back open to trucks, which will take them over to Alabama Highway 22.

“It’s a good idea. I just hate to see them tear up [County Road] 222, but they’ve got to go somewhere,” said Commissioner Roy Moore.

Jones said there were complaints from residents that live on that part of County Road 37, who were concerned about safety.

“They just complained about the trucks tearing up the road to some degree and speeding down the hills,” Jones said. “It’s just a residential area there.”

Jones said trucks had to go that route while the project was in progress on 222, but now they won’t be able to go that way.

“The complaints said they were speeding. There’s a lot of hills up there, and they were complaining about being able to stop if a school bus was down there and that type of thing. Safety issues,” Jones said.

Jones said signs will be put up on that section of road restricting trucks from driving on that part of 37.