Final days for Plein Air sale

Published 8:27 pm Monday, March 27, 2017

Earlier this month around 25 members of the Alabama Plein Air Artists Association could be seen in downtown Selma and in Orrville as they painted houses, museums and more to be sold at a wet paint sale at the Selma Art Guild during the 42nd annual Historic Selma Pilgrimage. 

On the day of the sale, people lined up outside the Guild to have the first look at the paintings that were painted on location.

“We had not quite as many lined up [as before] but we had a lot of people lined up outside and we were able to sell quite a bit,” said Karen Weir, current co-president of the Guild. “But we still have plenty of paintings left.”

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The door of the guild will open again only Friday and Saturday for those that would like to take home a one-of-a-kind, original painting of a scene in Selma and Dallas County.

“This is the last weekend that we will be having the Pilgrimage paintings,” Weir said. “After that, they disappear.”

Weir said they had a lot more paintings this year that dealt with subject matter other than just the normal houses and museums around town. Some artists even made their way out to Orrville to paint the Farmer’s Market and more.

“The Orrville touch this year was a nice touch and we’re hoping that will happen again,” she said. “We really did have a good variety of people.”

Homeowners of some of the homes that were painted over the weekend were able to purchase the work to add to their collection.

“A lot of people who had their houses on Pilgrimage were able to get several versions of their house, which was fun,” Weir said.

Weir said the artists always enjoy coming to Selma to paint, and with a limited number of spaces available, the spots go quickly.

“They do love to come to Selma because of the variety of subjects and the beauty of the architecture. They love the reception that they’re given here,” Weir said.

“Particularly, they love the way the town supports their paintings. People are very nice while they’re doing it.”

Weir said there are still plenty of painting left for the sale this weekend, and that they vary in size, medium and price.

Painting outside and on location, the artists only have about two hours to complete a painting from start to finish before the sun moves to a completely different position.

“A lot of these artists are commercial artists that are in galleries all over the state,” Weir said.

“Not only are they good, but they are done quickly while the sun is in a certain position.”

The Selma Art Guild is located at 508 Selma Ave. and will be open from noon until 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Those interested in buying a painting are asked to bring checks or cash.

“They love coming here because of the welcome and the beauty of the town and the variety of things to paint from an artistic point of view,” Weir said.

“There’s a lot of people that are genuinely interested in what the paintings are, and that’s nice as an artist.”