Two wanted, four charged with shooting at officer

Published 10:04 pm Friday, March 17, 2017

Two suspects are still on the run for their alleged involvement in shooting at a Selma police officer early Wednesday morning.

Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier and Mayor Darrio Melton held a joint press conference Friday afternoon on the steps of the police department to announce four arrests and to ask for the public’s help in finding the two suspects that remain at large.

Police are still searching for Calvin Lamar Boyd, 23, of Selma, and Jermarcus Bronson, 20, of Montgomery.

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“It’s not a matter of if,” Collier said. “It’s a matter of when because we’re not going to stop until we get them into custody.”

Demarious Pullom, 26, Charles Pullom, 36, Brandon Hatcher, 35, and Deseray Strong, 20, are in custody. Collier said Demarious Pullom, who turned himself in to police Thursday afternoon, confessed to the shootings. Charles Pullom was arrested on the scene, and Hatcher and Strong were arrested after search warrants were issued in Montgomery.

Demarious Pullom’s bond was set at $5 million Friday morning. According to District Attorney Michael Jackson, the other three are still awaiting a ruling from the judge.

Collier urged for the other two suspects to turn themselves in and for the public to take caution if they are spotted.

“If they’re willing to take a high-powered carbine [rifle] and shoot at a police officer, they wouldn’t hesitate to shoot someone in the public,” Collier said.

The incident happened Wednesday around 3 a.m. on Eisenhower Street in Selmont.

Officers on duty got a BOLO from the county for a white Dodge Charge suspected of being involved in a shooting. An officer with the Selma Police Department followed the vehicle and turned on his blue lights as the car turned onto Eisenhower Street.

“The natural instinct is they are going to run, so you exit the vehicle thinking I’m in a foot chase,” Collier said. “[The officer] said he exited, and immediately all four doors opened and he just started taking rounds. Very brave and smartly, he was able to get it in reverse and literally punch the gas pedal to get distance between them.”

The officer was not injured. Collier said this is the third incident in six weeks where an officer was shot at.

“The days of shooting into homes, shooting at each other and shooting at police officers, that’s in the past,” he said. “We’re not going to tolerate it. You’re going to notice a very visible difference in what we’re doing moving forward.”

Collier said his officers will be more protected while in the field.

“Unfortunately, a small portion of bad citizens has put us in a position where we’re going to have to better arm ourselves and take a more tactical approach to law enforcement,” he said.

“In the near future, particularly at night, we have no other option than to be in tactical gear. We don’t want the public to think that we’re being militant, but we’re at a point where they’re shooting high-powered rifles at our guys.”

Collier said he has also requested patrol officers be armed with a rifle.

“Yesterday morning I talked with the mayor and requested patrol rifles for all of our officers, and the mayor has committed to making that happen,” Collier said.

Melton said the city is dedicated to the department and will provide officers with what they need to do their job and be safe.

“We’re going to exhaust every resource that we have to keep this city safe,” Melton said. “We’re going to make sure we supply them with every resource they need to make it back home safe every night.”

Collier said investigators with the department worked around the clock with the U.S. Marshals Service on the case. They also had help from the Montgomery Police Department.

“I can’t stress enough the help and assistance we got during this investigation,” Collier said.

“The U.S. Marshals Task Force has spent every hour with us and has been an incredible help. Additionally, we served a search warrant in Montgomery. Montgomery Police Department assisted us. It was their intelligence unit, their gang unit and of course their SWAT team. The amount of support they gave us is amazing.”

Anyone with information on any of these incidents is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-442-7463, the SPD Criminal Investigation Division at (334) 874-2125 or the secret witness line at (334) 874-2190. People can also call the U.S. Marshals at (202) 307-9100.