Highlighting teachers, first responders

Published 9:36 pm Friday, March 17, 2017

For the last couple of months, we have been highlighting first responders and teachers from the area. I’ve had the pleasure of doing most of these features, and it has really become one of my favorite things to do.

I’ve met people I may have not otherwise had the chance to meet, and I’ve taken the time to get to know some that I’ve talked to on numerous occasions. It’s been a fun, and humbling, experience to dig deep and get to know these people that make such a huge impact on the community.

When I call a principal and ask them to recommend a teacher, they always know just who to choose. Most times, the teacher has no idea that they have been recommended to be featured, so it’s always exciting to go to their classrooms and let them know that their principal felt they deserved the recognition. From teachers who have been in the classroom for a lifetime, to first-year teachers, it’s inspiring to hear their stories and find out why they chose that career.  On several occasions, the teachers have really opened up to me and even cried during our interview, but that just shows me how much they truly care about their students and how hard they worked to be in the position that they are today.

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These teachers give up so much of their time, and their money, to ensure these kids are getting the best education that they can. Many times people don’t think about all the work educators put in outside of the classroom, but its apparent to me that many here in Selma and Dallas County go above and beyond their job title.

These teachers deal with situations that many of us never had to deal with, but they continue to put a smile on and offer the children the best.  As for the first responders, it’s been fun to get to know them and their backgrounds and find out why they wanted to wear the uniform.

From police officers to firemen to the Sheriff’s Department, I’ve been able to speak with many of the people in Selma that are the first ones to show up in a bad situation.

Many times, these men and women are scolded, but they’re just people too. They’re the people that show up in the worst of times, only to help.  Many of them put their life on the line every single day for the better of the community, and they don’t think twice about it.

Every time I interview a first responder, I ask them why. Why did you chose to be a first responder? And every time, the first answer is because they want to help the community.  So the next time you see a first responder out and about, the least you can do is offer a smile, because you never know what they had to deal with earlier that day or what they’ll deal with later. And when you have some free time, maybe write a letter just letting a teacher know that you appreciate what they are doing in your child’s life.  These people truly are the heroes of the community and they can always use encouragement.