Artists recreate homes, landmarks

Published 10:03 pm Friday, March 17, 2017

All over downtown Friday, members of the Alabama Plein Air Artists Association could be spotted with their easels and supplies recreating Selma landmarks.

Around 25 artists made their way to Selma to take part in the 42nd annual Historic Selma Pilgrimage by painting houses and buildings that will be sold at the Wet Paint Sale at the Selma Art Guild.

“We paint all over the state of Alabama, and we always include Selma in our March schedule so that we can take advantage of some great weather and some beautiful scenery,” said Glenda Adams, a member of APAA out of Montgomery. “

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I love Selma. If I could move anywhere, this is probably where we would come.”

Adams, who is now in her sixties, has been painting since she was 11 years old and has been a member of APAA for 12 years. She said out of all of the places she goes to paint, Selma remains one of her favorites because of the history and the variety of locations to choose from.

“Selma just has beautiful architecture everywhere you look,” Adams said. “The hardest part is deciding what to paint.”

Adams said she enjoys selling her paintings at the sale and seeing all the work from the other artists.

“I always enjoy getting to see my artists friends,” Adams said. “When we get together everybody shares their work and shows where they’ve painted and there’s just something really exciting about that.”

Glenda Adams, a member of APAA out of Montgomery, paints on Church Street Friday.

Robine Wright lived in Birmingham for many years, but now resides in Ohio. But that didn’t stop her from making the trip to Selma for the annual event.

“Selma is about the coolest place I have been in for painting architecture paintings. The aspects and all are not only unique and historic, but they’re unique. I see architecture that I don’t see anywhere else in the country,” Wright said. “I love it. I am intrigued by it and I love coming here for that. To keep people coming back clear across the country, that’s good.”

Wright is a member of many different artists associations and has been painting for a number of years, but Selma remains one of her favorite towns to paint in.

“You always wonder what makes a town, and you don’t have to think of what makes a town in Selma because you look all around and everything is so historic and has such meaning to it that it’s wonderful,” Wright said. “This is one of my favorite places to paint.”

Wright said the Wet Paint Sale is unique because unlike many galleries and art sales, many people make special requests for the artists.

“People have requests. How many art shows can you go to that you can say I would like this painted, and it’s painted for you by someone who’s a credible painter and will capture it for you,” Wright said. “It’s a gift that we give and we bring to the table when we come here, and I love that.”

The annual Wet Paint Sale will take place at the Selma Art Guild, located at 508 Selma Avenue, from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.