Whenever celebration is scheduled, community should take chance to honor teams

Published 7:45 pm Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Two Concordia College Alabama basketball teams won the United States Collegiate Athletic Association national championship Saturday. The men’s team defeated Illinois Tech to win the championship and the Concordia women’s team followed with a double digit win over Berea.

The championship games took place thousands of miles away in Pennsylvania, so it’s often hard for the people in Selma to follow the Hornets once they qualify for the USCAA Tournament. However, what the team accomplished up there should be celebrated.

The school is planning a celebration at some point in the next few weeks, and we’ll have details when they become available. We’re sure the community would be invited to attend any sort of celebration and we encourage anyone that is able to do so.

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The players should be commended for what they accomplished this year. It’s rare for a school at any level to win two championships in the same sport, especially two on the exact same day.

We hope the school will also do something to ensure the teams’ achievement is honored for years to come. A large banner in the gymnasium would likely suffice.