R.B. Hudson holds special day for Black History Month

Published 8:28 pm Monday, February 27, 2017

Last week, R.B. Hudson held its yearly wax museum project, where eighth graders choose someone to emulate for Black History Month. The students dress as that person and deliver a speech using that person’s autobiography.

Two of the students, Jorian Williams and Amari Williams, received a big surprise when the person they were emulating came to the school. Jorian dressed as actor Palmer Williams Jr., a Camden native who is known for his role on “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and “Love Thy Neighbor” and Amari was District Court Judge Westry Robinson.

Both Palmer and Westry came to the school to surprise the students dressing as them and both were excited.

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“It’s very amazing that the person I’m portraying is actually here. I never thought he would have come. I was just really, really excited,” Jorian said after meeting Palmer.

History can be a struggle to learn for some students because in many ways, it’s about remembering facts, dates and events.

That’s why days like this are so important.

The students had a chance to dress as someone who has done something significant and in these two cases, had a chance to actually meet that person.

That makes it as real as possible and we’re sure it’ll be a day the students won’t soon forget.