Those interested in selling at farmers market should attend workshop

Published 8:33 pm Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The annual Dallas County Spring Farmer’s Market meeting workshop is quickly approaching for those wanting to sell items this year.

“The Selma-Dallas County Farmers Market here in town is run by the farmers themselves,” said Callie Nelson, extension coordinator at the Dallas County Extension Office. “Every year, we have a market meeting at the beginning of the year before they get ready to go. It’s designed to go over the rules and regulations for people who want to sell at the market.”

At the meeting, someone will be there to certify the farmers to accept vouchers from senior citizens and those using WIC to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

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“In order for them to be able to accept the vouchers, they have to be certified every year,” Nelson said. “Anyone who wants to sell items at the farmer’s market needs to attend this meeting.”

At the meeting, the farmers will elect a committee and someone to be in a leadership position.

Nelson said there would also be information on growing and producing vegetables for the market and consumers.

“The purpose of the market is to make fresh produce available to the citizens here in the county. It’s the freshest you can get other than growing it yourself,” Nelson said. “It’s Local. It hasn’t been shipped in on trucks. It’s been grown and produced right here.”

Dates for the market will be determined at the meeting, but Nelson believes it will be late May to early June through November.

“The more people consume fresh fruit and produce and vegetables, it actually helps improve your health,” Nelson said. “You’re getting a higher quality food with more nutrients but also helping to reduce obesity.”

Nelson said anyone wanting to attend needs to register by March 3 by calling (334) 875-3200.

The meeting will take place Monday, March 6 at the Central Alabama Farmers Co-op on Highway 80 West from 4:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. Dinner will be served at the meeting.