Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. arrest reports for period ending Feb. 9:

Published 8:55 pm Friday, February 10, 2017

Tedderick Carter, 37, 2119 L.L. Anderson Ave., Selma, non-support, $1,500 bond, in jail

Christopher Moore, 36, 411 Young St., Selma, failure to appear for first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana, $27,500 bond, in jail

Regina Moore, 26, 2802 Monroe St., Selma, failure to appear for traffic citation, contempt of court, $300 bond, no bond, in jail

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Henry Burton, 62, 465 County Road 835, Jones, driving under the influence, $1,000 bond, in jail

Roderick Hunter, 29, 1217 Fifth Ave., Selma, ex-felon in possession of a firearm, receiving stolen property, bonds totaling $115,000, in jail

Orlando Chaney, 19, 1013 Church St., Selma, four counts of first-degree robbery of a business, three counts of first-degree assault with a gun, second-degree assault, possession/sale of a short rifle, no bond, in jail

Joshua Hardy, 19, 901 King St., Selma, three counts of first-degree robbery, three counts of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, possession/sale of a short rifle, no bond, in jail

Tristian Dial, 29, 2284 Persimmon Tree Road, Selma, third-degree domestic violence, $1,000 bond, made bond

Jessica Howard, 30, 1203 Duke St., Selma, fourth-degree theft, $1,000 bond, made bond

Kassim Saeed, 58, 500 Church St., Selma, second-degree receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, bonds totaling $50,000, made bond

Jason Colley, 39, 7295 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Lanett, possession/receiving of a controlled substance, $2,500 bond, made bond

Derrick White, 39, 3131 Citizens Parkway, Montgomery, first-degree receiving stolen property, $30,000, made bond

Ladavidious Hall, 18, 2123 L.L. Anderson Ave., Selma, bond revoked, no bond, in jail

Terry Oliver, 40, 208 Selmont Ave., Selma, contempt of court, no bond, in jail

Orlando Tate, 30, 328 Henry St., Selma, failure to register as a sex offender, third-degree assault, no bond, in jail

Horace Craig, 41, 1918 L.L. Anderson Ave., Selma, fourth-degree theft, $1,000 bond, in jail

David Ray, 58, 220 Seymore Road, Valley Grande, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, $1,500 bond, in jail