New features started at Times-Journal

Published 8:27 pm Saturday, February 4, 2017

You may have noticed several new feature articles in The Selma Times-Journal over the last couple of weeks.

The newsroom has launched new stories that focus on a certain topic each day of the week.

For example, on Mondays we have a business story and Saturdays a faith and family story. Other topics include health and education.

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It’s our hope that these stories will allow us to look in-depth at issues important in the community and tell the stories of the people and places that make Selma and Dallas County unique.

We have also started profiles on a First Responder, Teacher and Student Athlete of the Week.

The stories will highlight some heroes and hard workers in those three areas of the community.

We have also brought back The Dart, which is a story inspired by a reporter throwing a dart at a map of Dallas County and going to find a story there.

To be honest, The Dart isn’t most reporter’s favorite assignment. It can be difficult to go some places, especially rural ones, and find a story. It takes time and requires journalists to dig sometimes. But the end result is a story that probably would never publish in the paper otherwise.

We could also use readers help as we start these new articles.

We always welcome story suggestions.

Story ideas can be submitted by email to or you can reach me by phone at (334) 410-1730 or drop by our office on Water Avenue at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge.