Ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Published 4:39 pm Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It’s that time of year again, where everyone tries to come up with a way to be a better version of themselves. For some, that includes shedding some extra pounds, finding time for a hobby or saving more money.

But, those resolutions are also hard to keep. By February, many of us have forgotten about them, or moved on.

If it was easy to make a resolution and keep to it, we’d all be perfectly fit versions of ourselves with lots of money.

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It sounds like a dream, but some are able to make at least some of those things a reality.

Here are some of the more common tips for making those resolutions stick this year:

1. Set short term goals as opposed to long-term goals. Many experts say that it’s difficult to keep with a long term promise, like not eating any sweets for a year, rather than something much more manageable like not eating sweets for two weeks. Make the milestones easier, celebrate when you get there, and then do it again.

2.Experts also say to reassess your resolution as you go. If something isn’t working, you wouldn’t usually just leave it alone and keep going, so don’t do it with resolutions either. If you are struggling to save money like you’d hoped, adjust the money you’re saving each week. Although you won’t end up with the amount you’d hoped to begin the year, you’ll still have some money saved up by the time 2018 rolls around.

3. Don’t let yourself give up too easily. Many people quit once they slip up once. If you’re trying to quit smoking and you have a cigarette, don’t get too down on yourself. Re-set your goal and try again.

We want to wish everyone good luck as the calendar turns to 2017.

Anyone with a resolution can truly change their life with a little willpower, support from friends and family and determination.