Post office warns of stolen packages

Published 9:14 pm Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Selma Post Office is warning its customers to be on the lookout after several packages have been stolen off of front porches in the last few days.

Postmaster James Roberts said he’s had eight or nine customers call this week from the Castlewood area to report packages missing. In all of those cases, the United States Postal Service had delivered the packages.

“I’ve probably had five people today call me and when I tracked the packages they were delivered,” Roberts said. “It all happened the same day, same time so I know they were probably stolen.”

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Roberts said one customer saw a package being stolen off their porch and followed the vehicle to get the license plate number, but the vehicle’s tag was stolen.

Sgt. Evelyn Ghant with the Selma Police Department said only one police report has been filed so far, but the police department is asking anyone with information to come forward. She said the police were alerted of the thefts Thursday morning and have started an investigation.

“We are trying to get the word out, get the citizens to be alert,” Ghant said. “The ones that are at work, get your neighbors to look out and if they see any suspicious vehicles they need to go ahead and alert the Selma Police Department.”

This is the busiest time of the year for the Selma Post Office, which is delivering about 10,000 packages a week right now. Due to all the thefts, Ghant said the police department will offer extra patrol in the Castlewood area through the Christmas holidays.

Roberts said he had a meeting with all of his drivers Thursday morning and told them to report any suspicious vehicles that may be following them around.

He said if a package is late or missing, customers should call the post office before filing a police report to ensure it was delivered.

Roberts said there are ways customers can help protect their packages.

First, they can log on to and specify delivery instructions to tell drivers to put packages in a specific location. The website also allows customers to track their packages so they know when they’ll arrive. He said it’s also important to keep porch lights on if you’re expecting a package. This time of the year, delivery drivers work late hours, so they could be delivering after dark.