Land transactions for period of Nov. 4 through Nov. 17:

Published 5:06 pm Saturday, November 19, 2016

Calvin N. Bowie Jr. to Trustmark National Bank, Dallas County, $150,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States of America, Dallas County

Jeanette Black to Vonniettie Shelton, 533 Second Ave., $14,000

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Vonniettie Shelton to Jeanette Black, 533 Second Ave., $23,500

Casey Caver to Carolyn S. Jones, 149 Alabama Highway 219, $68,500

Terrance A. Cozadd Jr. to Guardian Credit Union, 1746 County Road 294

Leslie H. Moseley to Momirul I. Bhiyan, 1601 Old Montgomery Highway, $12,000

Momirul I. Bhiyan to Leslie H. Moseley, 1601 Old Montgomery Highway, $13,000

City of Selma Alabama to Rivertowne Development LLC, Lots 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Bloch 46 of King Estate Properties, $22,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National, Dallas County

Lonnie Bedwell to PNC Bank National Association, 115 Pine Tree Drive, $55,000

Lonnie Bedwell to PNC Bank National Association, 115 Pine Tree Drive, $25,900

Lorraine M. Williamson to Joy S. Collins, Lot 6 of Block 3 of South Fairview Subdivision, $103,900

United States of America to Michael Labit, Dallas County, $30,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Bank of New York Mellon, 708 Woodrow Ave.

James E. Jones Jr. to Walter Lee Jones Sr., Dallas County, $125,900

Teri E. Bruce to Patricia A. Rush, 2611 Pine Tree Circle, $50,041

Laura R. Tabor to Marion Bank & Trust Co., Lot 45 in Town of Summerfield, $85,000

Thomas Cox to Michael Cox, Dallas County, $333,700

Patsey Nelson Armstrong to Walter P. Sims, Dallas County, $25,000

Emmett Clifton Pitts Jr. to Homeward Residential Inc., 1635 County Road 16, $92,500

Kondaur Capital Corp. to Citimortage, Inc., Dallas County

Linda Seymore Tuck to Matt Dobbs, Dallas County, $25,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to LSF9 Master Participation, Dallas County

Citifinancial Servicing to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Dallas County

Genevieve Lee Cafee Dowdle to Ardrow Glenn Caffee, Dallas County, $25,800

Gregory S. Pittman to David J. McCormack, Crown Ridge

David J. McCormack to Mutual Savings Credit Union, Crown Ridge

Mattie W. Bowers to Miller Funeral Service Inc., 1306 St. Phillips St., $24,200

Judy B. Newberry as successor to Judy B. Newberry, 204 Chris Circle, Valley Grande

Judy B. Newberry to Arnold A. Garrett, 204 Chris Circle

Arnold A. Garrett to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Lot 27, Heritage Park, $144,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Bank of America NA, 3009 Summerfield Road

John Chandler to John Chandler, Dallas County, $5,300

Colonial Impact Fund II to Lodestar Financial Services, 313 Evergreen Ave., $18,500

Diamond One Construction to Jason Potvin, 800 Warrior Drive

Jason Potvin to Everett Financial Inc., 800 Warrior Drive, $169,539

Fannie Lee Brown to Steward/Pearce Development, 2120 Church St., $7,500

Steward/Pearce Development to Trustmark National Bank, 2120 Church St., $22,500

Blanchard L. McLeod Jr. to Steward/Pearce Development, 622 Alabama Ave., $12,500

Steward/Pearce Development to Trustmark National Bank, 622 Alabama Ave., $37,500

Wilco Timber Co. Inc. to Town-Country National Bank, Dallas County, $100,000

Donald W. Smith Jr. to Regions Bank, 6436 Alabama Highway 22 N., $50,500

Lillian V. Clibery to John W. Clibery, Dallas County, $62,400

Lonnie Shane Shadrick to Quicken Loans Inc., 295 County Road 914, Marion Junction, $59,798