Teen Challenge banquet coming up

Published 6:40 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Teen Challenge banquet to be held Nov. 17 is the largest fundraiser of the year for the organization, which is a 12-month Christian discipleship program that helps men 18 years and older learn how to overcome addiction.

Ken Schroeder, pastoral counselor and intake coordinator for the program said the men that come through the program are completely different people when they leave.

“The difference is night and day from the time that they come into the program from the time that they leave,” Schroeder said.

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“Many of them come in here almost skeletons and leave healthy and strong and feeling better than they’ve felt in many, many years.”

It’s great to know that Selma has a program for men in Alabama that offers them the help they need.

Several men that have went through the program have even stayed in Selma after graduating and have become productive members of the community.

That’s what makes this program so great. It gives the men another chance to get their life on the right path and better themselves for the future.

We hope that people will attend the banquet and support this great organization that we have in Dallas County.

There will also be a guest speaker, and some of the men in the program will also share their testimonies.

Teen Challenge is selling tables that seat seven for $325, individual tickets for $50 and tickets for $25 that do not include the meal.

Anyone interested in purchasing or sponsoring a table or buying tickets can call the center at (334) 872-0133.