All in Sports holds free baseball camp, and again teaches more than just sports

Published 5:24 pm Saturday, October 15, 2016

All in Sports Outreach held a free baseball camp in Selma on Saturday morning at the Dallas County Sportsplex.

Around 50 players participated in Saturday’s camp and learned the fundamentals of baseball, but they probably left with a lot more than just that. All in Sports always shares a spiritual message and teaches important values to the youth at its camps and Saturday’s baseball camp was no different.

Sure, there was plenty of baseball knowledge passed around too. Organizers with All in Sports and local college coaches showed players how to hit, catch, throw and run the bases.

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This is the kind of camp Selma needs more of. It brings children together from different schools and backgrounds and gives them an opportunity to make new friends. The camp is a mix of veteran baseball players and some who have never played the game before, but the pace is slow and allows for newcomers to learn quickly.

Sports are a great way for children to stay busy, make new friends and learn the importance of teamwork.

Sports also serve as a way to bring people together and All in Sports uses them to share its message.

The organization has grown quickly in two years and has held baseball, softball and football camps all over Selma.

All in Sports and the volunteer coaches that helped during Saturday’s camp are truly making a difference in Selma. They’re giving our children something to do and teaching them important qualities and values.