Land transactions for period of September 9-15, 2016:

Published 6:37 pm Saturday, September 17, 2016

Herbert Bender to Herbert Bender, 123 Deerfield Rd

Herbert Bender to Carrington Mortgage Services, 123 Deerfield Rd, $206,025

Speir Land Co II LLC to Sandra D Shadrick, Lot 17 & 18, Quail Ridge Subdivision

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Sandra D Shadrick to Lucretia Lacole Smith, Lot 18 & 18, Quail Ridge Subdivision, $12,500

Lucretia Lacole Smith to United States of America, Lot 18, Block A, Quail Ridge Subdivsion

Ann W Gault to Rosetta Junius, 411 Crestwood Dr

William Stuart Harris to Laura R Tabor, 324 Centenary St, $11,383

Laura R Tabor to Marion Bank & Trust Co, 324 Centenary St, $64,600

Southland Properties LLC to Joshua Ashcraft, 126 Christie Lane, $24,200

Joshua Ashcraft to Quicken Loans Inc, 126 Christie Lane, $96,800

Robert K Bullard to William E Ward, Dallas County, $12,585

Robert K Bullard to William E Ward, Dallas County, $12,585

Robert K Bullard to William E Ward, Dallas County, $12,585

David D Barnes to Thomas E Thornton, Dallas County, $3,500

Arthur Kelly to Anne Galt Pilcher as Trustee, Lot 21, Block 6, Weaver Addition, $9,000

Clarence Smith to Village Capital & Investment, 2013 Arlington Dr, $120,991

Dickson Wallace Buchanan to Dickson Wallace Buchanan, Dallas County, $240,900

Lantanga J Ford to Hamilton Mortgage Corp, 812 Young St

Byron T Ray to John A Smith, 14505 Main St-Orrville, $45,000

Rosie Brown to Speir Land Co II LLC, Lot Number 23, Washington Place Subdivision, $8,808

Robert M Rountree IV to Mike Reynolds, Dallas County, $260,000

Paul J Hornsby to Regions Bank, 121 Moores Ferry Rd, $60,000

Larnzo Walker to Jefferson Furniture Co, 619 Alabama Ave, $144,200

Oghogho Lawrence Osayamwen to James Donald Scurlock, Lot on Cades Cove Rd, $45,000

McDowell Lake Properties to Mark G Anderson Sr, 3951 County Rd 17

Mark G Anderson to McDowell Lake Properties, 3951 County Rd 17, $49,110

Carrie G Tolbert to Debra Robinson, 401 Pettus St, $67,570

Ora Bell Shannon to Annie L Hughes, Dallas County, $13,400

Margaret Ellen McNeill to Steward/Pearce Development, 409 Caisson Dr

Steward/Pearce Development to Trustmark National Bank, 409 Caisson Dr, $36,375