Perry County school gets connected

Published 9:42 pm Monday, August 29, 2016

AT&T Alabama President Fred McCallum holds iPad and speaks to students during the ConnectED rollout event.

AT&T Alabama President Fred McCallum holds iPad and speaks to students during the ConnectED rollout event.

Francis Marion School is excited to announce its students will have the opportunity to continue learning beyond the school walls with free mobile internet from AT&T as part of the company’s commitment to the White House ConnectED initiative.

AT&T is contributing $1.7 million in services over three years to Francis Marion to provide mobile high-speed internet with filtering, allowing nearly 900 teachers and students to take learning beyond the classroom.

“Many of our students do not have access to the internet once they leave the school building,” stated John H. Heard, III, Superintendent of Perry County Schools. “These resources from AT&T will be extremely valuable to our students and teachers as we are now able to explore, research and collaborate in new ways.”

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A recent study by the Pew Institute reveals that people are more eager to harness the power of the internet when they understand its relevance to their lives, when they feel confident in their knowledge of using it and when their budgets can comfortably accommodate it.

“This new connection beyond the classroom is an investment in our students and Alabama’s future,” said State Representative Ralph Howard. “We applaud AT&T for its continued commitment to student success, providing opportunities for educational goals and life dreams to become reality.”

One of the major benefits of AT&T’s investment is that internet access will be available at school, home or anywhere there is Wi-Fi or AT&T 4G service. One of AT&T’s key solution components allows students to access only filtered content, regardless of location, helping make sure viewing on ConnectED devices is limited to age appropriate content.

“AT&T has maintained a commitment to advancing education, connecting and strengthening our communities and improving the lives of our customers and employees across Alabama for 137 years,” stated Fred McCallum, President of AT&T Alabama.

“We are proud to participate in the ConnectED initiative, driving change and enhancing anytime, anywhere learning for almost 900 students and teachers in Perry County.”