Lumpkin reelected mayor in Orrville

Published 9:06 pm Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Orrville Mayor Louvenia Lumpkin was reelected Tuesday despite receiving fewer on-site votes than her challenger Stephanie Nickles Mims.

Lumpkin dominated absentee ballots 28 to 1 and won by a final margin of 86 to 71.

Nickles Mims won the votes cast Tuesday at the Orrville Community Center 70 to 58.

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Lumpkin defeated long time mayor Gene McHugh in 2012.

The top five finishers for council were Jewell Williamson (66 votes, 22 percent), William Lumpkin (63 votes, 22 percent), Herman Majors (39 votes, 13 percent), Jerry Phillips (36 votes, 12 percent) and Jim Brunson (30 votes, 12 percent).

The final two finishers were a close fourth and fifth — Elizbeth Kish (28 votes, 10 percent) and Rodney Ellis (27 votes, 9 percent).