Flowers: Southside well ahead of schedule compared to past years

Published 10:08 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2016

At Wednesday’s practice, Southside head coach Daniel Flowers tried to make sure the entire Panthers team knew the playbook. He’d give the offense the play, then turn around to the rest of the team and explain what each player is supposed to do.

Talking and not paying attention weren’t tolerated.

“You never know who may go down in the Selma High game,” Flowers said. “I want those other guys to be capable of going in there to play. “

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Although Flowers was challenging his team Wednesday, he’s pleased with where the Panthers are just over a week before their jamboree game against Dallas County.

“This is the farthest along I’ve been in four years since I’ve been at Southside,” Flowers said.

Last year, Flowers named himself the team’s offensive play caller. He said since then Southside has run the same offense for the last two seasons, so experienced players already know what to do.

He said keeping everything the same has given Southside a chance to get ahead this offseason.

“The guys are more comfortable,” Flowers said. “Usually around this time we can hardly line up. I remember my first year playing against Selma High, we couldn’t line up and do a play against Selma High that first game. I was just trying to teach so much and the guys weren’t comprehending it.”

That doesn’t appear to be a problem this year.

Flowers said Southside is preparing for next Friday’s jamboree but won’t show part of its playbook in the game.

He said he wants to save some surprises for the Selma High game.

“I’m not going to play my whole hand,” Flowers said. “If I don’t have to, I’m not going to do it.”