Confusion over SHS uniforms

Published 10:22 pm Friday, August 5, 2016

Posts on Selma High School’s Facebook page created confusion about the school’s uniform policy Friday, just days before classes begin.

“I really don’t know where the uproar came from other than something was taken out of context,” said Selma High’s principal Emma Alexander. “But I want to say this, the uniform policy has not changed.”

On Friday afternoon, a post was published with photos of various styles of khaki pants and read, “We apologize for the discrepancies with the dress code, but we are now being made aware of the different type[s] of uniform pants. We only want uniform khaki or [navy blue] pants.”

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Pants that weren’t considered as a uniform pant had a red X over the image, such as shorts, capris and fitted pants.

“Khaki and navy blue uniform pants” are required, according to the Selma High’s 2016-2017 dress code, and only capris pants and shorts are listed as unappropriate per the uniform’s policy.

Parents and students began expressing their concern over the images because many had purchased uniforms they believed fit the requirements of the dress code but don’t have time or money to make corrections before Monday.

Alexander said some parents who chose not to use the company the school preferred for uniforms had sent photos of clothing items they purchased to see if they would comply with the policy.

Alexander believes the post was made by a manager of the page in attempt to help clarify the policy to the mass of parents and students who had questions, but it was misinterpreted as a new announcement of the dress code.

“It has been all put to a stop today when I became aware of what was transpiring between the manager and the students,” Alexander said of the Facebook posts.

Alexander said anyone with questions about the school’s dress code may contact her by email at