SABRA hosts domestic violence training for officers

Published 11:19 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2016

By Samantha Bolden | The Selma Times-Journal

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), one woman is fatally shot by a spouse, ex-spouse, or dating partner every 14 hours.

In partnership with The Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ACADV), Sabra Sanctuary hosted a free two-day training seminar, which began last Wednesday and Thursday, to try to stop domestic violence.

Selma Police officers took part in multiple activities including hands-on training exercises.

The training included learning the different aspects of domestic violence such as the different types of domestic violence, the characteristics of an abuser or victim, safety planning, information on how to respond to a domestic violence call and more. Training was led by Lt. Steve Searcy, law enforcement training coordinator for the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

The different types of domestic abuse include physical abuse, verbal or nonverbal abuse, sexual abuse, stalking or cyberstalking, economic or financial abuse and spiritual abuse.

Remonia Minor, victims advocate at Sabra Sanctuary, said females aren’t the only victim of abuse.

“A lot of men don’t disclose this kind of information as quick as a female in feasr of being labeled as a punk or weak,” Minor said.

The NCADV reported that there were 354 domestic violence gun related fatalities since Jan. 1, 2016.

Minor says that domestic violence occurs when there is a pattern of violent behavior of power and control that results from childhood.

“When you have people that grew up in a home of domestic violence, their chances of doing it are so much greater,” Minor said.

Minor noted that domestic violence is increasing especially among teenage relationships.

If anyone needs help or knows someone who does, call SABRA at (334)874-8711 or the hotline at 1-800-650-6522. Both numbers can be reached 24 hours per day.