Money for all-stars well spent

Published 10:21 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last week, the last of Selma’s all-star baseball teams was eliminated in the state championship game in Dothan.

Selma had six teams qualify for state baseball tournaments this year, which is not a small feat for a city any size. The city should be proud of the success of the baseball program this year and a lot of credit goes to the parents, players and coaches.

Unlike many other cities though, the city of Selma pays the expenses for each of it teams. The city pays for the team’s hotel, food and provides expenses in case of an emergency.

Lebo Jones, the city’s interim recreation director, guessed Selma may be the only city in the entire state that still does that. The total cost this year was estimated to be more than $20,000, but it’s well worth it.

The state baseball tournaments might’ve been the first time venturing hours outside of the city of Selma for some of the players. Plus, baseball is a game that teaches the importance of team unity and allows players to make new friends.

Without the city’s funding, there’s a chance one of the teams may not have been able to make the trip. There’s always fundraising, but that’s not always a sure-thing, especially considering five teams would’ve probably needed funding help if not for the city’s contribution.

We’re sure the players and coaches appreciated the city’s help this baseball season.