Land transactions for period of July 8 – July 21, 2016:

Published 5:31 pm Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mary J McDanal to Leslie McDanal, Dallas County, $59,631

Mid State Trust By Trustee to U S Bank N A as Trustee, Lot B of Block 10, O.D. Simpson Subdivision

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Dallas County

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Dallas County

Sharon S Wilkins to Josh Morrow Sr,  37 Church St, $67,000

Josh Morrow Sr to Navy Federal Credit Union, 57 Church St, Orrville

Christiana Trust by Atty to Normandy Mortgage Acquisition, 2704 Church St

Normandy Mortgage Acquisition to U S Bank Trust National, 2704 Church St

Tara D Burks to Fairway Independent Mortgage, 1005 LaDayne Ave, $64,648

Maurice D Pettway to First Citizens Bank, 124 Porter Circle, $122,410

Catherine Susan Massey to Stewart/Pearce Development, 308 Carter Circle, $45,000

Johnny Fowlkes to Tonney Darryl Fowlkes, 170 County Rd 819, $7,000

Johnny Fowlkes to Tonney Darryl Fowlkes, 170 County Rd 819, $8,000

Johnny Fowlkes to Pamela Fowlkes Cox, 170 County Rd 819, $25,000

Johnny Fowlkes to Tonney Darryl Fowlkes, 170 County Rd 819, $4,000

Alfred Blackmon to Sharon Hatcher, Dallas County, $10,000

Sharon Hatcher to Alfred Blackmon, Dallas County, $25,000

Adorries Swain to Consumer First Mortgage, 5527 U S Highway 80 E, $248,800

John B Mayo III to Louise Mayo Wood, 12841 County Rd 7, $144,500

Nancy Concord to James Earl Tidwell, 1291 County Rd 261, $1,500

James Earl Tidwell to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $28,000

James F Gallagher to Deborah Gallagher Thompson, 861 County Rd 457, $13,186

Gulf Hauling & Construction to Highway 21 LLC, Dallas County, $972,400

Albert O Glover Jr to Willie J Glover, 2515 Tipton St, $30,000

Brent Harris to David W Martin, 117 Alabama Ave, $1,300

Tyler W Adkins to Mutual Savings Credit Union, 123 Mallory Dr

Ditsch Financial LLC to Wachovia Bank National, Dallas County

Wachovia Bank National  to U S Bank as Trustee, Dallas County

Vlencon L Brown Jr to Steve A Craig, 705 N Lake Drive, $100,000

Steven A Craig to First Cahawba Bank, 705 N Lake Drive, $100,000

Ruby Nelson Franklin to South Land Co LLC, Dallas County

South Land Co LLC to Town-Country National Bank, Lot 3 of J A Reid Tract, $41,000

Daniel L Lee to Avadian Credit Union, 215 Pine Needle Drive, $63,000

Tissue Lee Glover to Willie J Glover, 2515 Tipton St, $2,593

Lloyd Christia Henderson to Darren Lloyd Henderson, 111 Fairview Ave, $62,300

James L Osborn to Trustmark National Bank, 116 Crescent Hill, $150,000

Willie R Blackmon to Willard Steve Blackmon, Dallas County, $1,500

Speir Land Co II LLC to Joe H Thomas, Dallas County, $24,000

Virginia E Lobue to John J Lobue, 10 Meadowview Circle, $13,266

Kelli M Denny to Avadian Credit Union, 201 St Andrews Dr, $150,480

Raeburn Carson Llewellyn to Marshall’s Grove LLC, Dallas County, $232,947

Willie Daniel to Willie Daniel, Dallas County, $13,200

Sara J Day to Christopher W Holbrook, 3300 County Rd 81, $2,989

Christopher W Holbrook to Quicken Loans Inc, 3300 County Rd 81, $162,011

Frank Joseph Robitaille to Frank Joseph Robitaille, 2153 County Rd 81 $8,960

Collins Pettway Jr to J L Land Lending LLC, Dallas County, $20,000

Sputtle Trading LLC to Alabama Ag Credit FLCA, Dallas County

Steward/Pearce Development to Trustmark National Bank, 308 JR Carter Circle, $33,750

Kathryn W Averett to Steward/Pearce Development, 2406 Overlook Dr, $8,000

Steward/Pearce Development to Trustmark National Bank, 2406 Overlook Dr, $24,000

Carolyn A Hickman to Embrace Home Loans Inc, 2515 Parkway Dr, $112,800

Ora L Pritchett to Gloria Jean McGibony, 995-A & B Lowery Dr, $124,800

Annie Pritchett Rose to Gloria Jean McGibony, 1017-1/2 Griffin Ave, $6,632