KFC to feed officers on Wednesday

Published 11:09 pm Monday, July 18, 2016

By Samantha Bolden | The Selma Times-Journal

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Selma will offer law enforcement officers a free meal on Wednesday.

KFC general manager Mark Woodson said he wanted to show appreciation to officers after police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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“It is disturbing to see what is happening on TV and social media,” Woodson said.

“These officers have helped me out plenty of times, and I can’t imagine anyone in the world who hasn’t been helped by an officer. I just want them to know that they’re appreciated at my restaurant.”

Woodson said as long as he’s manager he hopes to make this police officer’s appreciation day an annual event at KFC.

“They’re always being put down and ridiculed and are often stereotyped as bad people when they’re not,” Woodson said.

Officers are free to choose any meal on the company’s menu.

“I appreciate everyone who helps us here because they’re putting their lives on the line for us each and everyday,” Woodson said.

Selma Police Chief John Brock said that he’s floored over the outpouring support of the community.

“Especially with what is going on right now, law enforcement needs all the support from everybody,” Brock said. “We’ve had a couple of organizations to come to bring snacks and food to show support to our department.”

Brock said the department is always on high alert.

“Every time something happens involving law enforcement in another part of the country, it affects law enforcement in Selma,” Brock said.

Brock says that supervisors always go over their policies with their officers on a daily basis to ensure the safety of their officers.

“It’s great that the community wants to get involved,” Brock said.