Window A/C units stolen from art guild

Published 5:40 pm Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Selma Police Department is warning residents of an increase of window air conditioning unit thefts during the summer.

On Thursday, two window units were reported missing from the Selma Art Guild by a neighbor.

“She noticed that the hole was open [in the window] and then she called police,” said Karen Weir, guild co-president. “It’s apparently turning out pretty common.”

SPD’s Lt. Sam Miller said window A/C units are popular items reported stolen each year.

Weir believes the burglars entered through a window containing an A/C unit that wasn’t easily seen from the road. Then, the burglars exited through a second window that also held an A/C unit.

She said in the process, the burglars damaged the windows, but fortunately didn’t steal anything else.

“It could have been worse, but [it still was] not nice,” Weir said. “It made us aware that we need to be aware of more security, so we’ll be on that.”

Weir said, fortunately, the gallery recently had central air installed with the help of a grant from Alabama Power. The guild was planning on replacing the windows anyways, with more energy efficient windows.

Miller said one of the best things residents could do is invest in cages to install around the window units.

Trees, shrubs and other plants should be cut back so the window is more visible from the road, Miller said.

“Maybe someone from the road could see somebody pulling it out of the window,” Miller said. “They can call us about suspicious [activity] and we can have a better reaction time.”

Miller said anyone that witnesses suspicious activity should call the police department.