Integrity announces team for Meto trip

Published 5:41 pm Saturday, July 16, 2016

Integrity Worldwide is gearing up for its trip to Meto, Kenya in two weeks with a Mission Sunday event on Sunday, July 16.

The event will be held at Blue Jean Church, on Church Street, beginning at 8 a.m. It will be an opportunity for former team members to share their experiences and for this year’s team to be introduced.

“There’s nothing like getting to experience a place first hand,” said Elizabeth Gilmer, Integrity Worldwide event coordinator, about her inaugural trip to Meto in a previous story. “I know it’s going to make all the stories that I’ve heard come to life.”

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Integrity Worldwide is a Selma-based Christian organization with a mission to rebuild, renew and restore communities that have been destroyed by severe poverty, according to its website, all while promoting sustainable ways to support growth in those communities.

The upcoming trip will include Megan Crane, Selma native and certified nurse practitioner; Ali Nettles, 17-year-old Selma native; Kathryn Dismuke, 23-year-old Montgomery native; Doug Horton, photographer and retired Selma firefighter; Kenzie Horton, 16-year-old Morgan Academy student; John and Ashley Morris, couple from North Carolina; Elizabeth Gilmer, Integrity Worldwide event coordinator; Anna Willard, 16-year-old Morgan Academy student; Janet Atchison, five-time Integrity Worldwide trip veteran; and Alan Hicks and Averee Hicks, Integrity Worldwide founders.

In Meto, the team will set up medical clinics to assist locals with their health care needs. The team will also host a 5k race for the locals who want to participate.

Earlier this year, the team worked to raise money for medical supplies and for the 5K. The goal was to raise $7,500. Of that, $5,000 would go toward medical supplies and the rest would go toward funding the 5k for T-shirts, awards and meals.