Fourth of July events have been hit or miss for city over last two years

Published 8:17 pm Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fireworks returned to the city of Selma Monday night at Memorial Stadium and by the size of the crowd in attendance, it was a welcomed return.

Much of the stadium was filled and many others stood in the parking lot and around other parts of the city to see the fireworks. It was the first time the city had fireworks on the Fourth of July in several years.

It was clear from the attendance that citizens were glad to have them back.

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While that was a positive, the White Linen event on Friday evening at ArtsRevive did not get the same type of crowd, making it two straight years the city held a non-fireworks event on the weekend of the Fourth of July that had an extremely small attendance.

The White Linen event capped out at about two dozen people, at least during the trips our staff made. We commend the city any time it hosts a community-oriented event, especially one where admission is free, like both events this weekend. However, it’s also important for leaders to see what’s working and what clearly isn’t to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent well.

The fireworks show was a big hit. The White Linen event and last year’s event on Water Avenue did not attract big crowds during the weekend of the Fourth.