Selma man charged with assaulting, escaping police officer

Published 10:35 pm Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Selma man was arrested Tuesday evening near the Selma Mall, reportedly still wearing handcuffs from a Sunday night escape.

Freeman Billingsley, 24, faces felony charges of second-degree assault to a law enforcement officer and first-degree escape.

On Sunday evening, Selma police responded to a call about a fight at Rangedale Apartments. When officers arrive, Billingsley allegedly assault an officer when he was detained for a domestic issue.

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Lt. Sam Miller declined to provide additional details about the nature of the assault.

“Attacking a police officer is a serious business,” said District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Sometime after being handcuffed and placed in a patrol car, Billingsley managed to escape.

Officers spotted Billingsley near the mall on Tuesday, still wearing the sawed-off handcuffs.

“He still had the handcuffs on,” Miller said. “He got somebody to cut the chain.”

Miller said anyone who assisted Billingsley during his escape could potentially face charges too.  Billingsley will speak Thursday in district court for an arraignment, according to Jackson.